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Facial cleansing is an important stage in the self-care ritual. Without it, even the best beauty products with rich formulas will be useless. Your beauty and health of your skin begins with the bathroom. The more thorough your washing, the more effective will be the products you apply after.

The stages of skin cleansing

To achieve an ideal result, prepare the cover for further procedures, it is necessary to follow the sequence of facial cleansing. The procedures should be performed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. It is necessary to assemble a set of cleansing agents suitable for the skin type, and follow the basic steps of daily facial cleansing.

In addition, peeling programmes and scrubs are used. A deeper cleaning is recommended once a week. Scrubs and peelings with fruit acids have a delicate effect. Such products provide a fresh cover, start skin renewal, make it smooth, increase firmness and elasticity.

Cleansing for different skin types

For combination skin care, tonic or milk is recommended. Such products will not only remove decorative cosmetics, dust and other dirt, but also have a moisturizing effect. Wash gels and scrubs dry the cover, so it is better to abandon these products.

Dry skin is contraindicated alcoholic products. They dry the cover even more, which leads to rapid changes in age. Less use scrubs and soap. For washing, choose foam or milk. For deeper exposure, gentle fruit acid peelings are suitable.

Oily skin type women should not use products that contain oils. In this case, be sure to use masks, scrubs and peelings. On the condition of such a cover has a positive effect alcoholic products, which provide a matte and dry inflammation.

Sensitive, “capricious” skin reacts acutely to mechanical effects and compositions. Most products can cause allergic reactions. For skin care, choose hypoallergenic products.

Useful tips

How do I clean my face and what products are best used in my home program? One of the main rules is not to wash your face with soap. The alkali contained in the product destroys lipids, which leads to dehydration. One exception: you can wash with soap if it’s natural.

It is better to use boiled or filtered water for washing. The tap water contains chlorine and other impurities that have a negative effect on the skin. Many girls choose products that, according to the manufacturer, do not require washing. But any cleaning products contain ingredients and substances that cause dryness, irritation and redness. All products are better flushed. This will avoid possible side effects.

Errors in care system

The most common defect in the purification program is washing once a day. Why cleanse your skin in the morning, it couldn’t hurt to sleep. But this ritual helps the dermis to awaken and improves its ability to absorb beneficial trace elements from lotions and creams. This procedure should not be disregarded in the evening or morning.

The second mistake is to confuse cleansing with exfoliation. The first one is performed twice a day. And the second should be done once a week. Excessive exfoliation can cause irritation, provoke a new wave of rashes. If you feel that the relief is rough and uneven, use muslin wipes instead of a towel. They absorb moisture very well and remove dead cells.

A serious mistake in skin care is not to control the water temperature. Sharp changes can be stressful for the dermis. Wash at room temperature with water. This will avoid redness and irritation. With a complex, proper cleansing, your skin will retain its youthfulness and beauty for a long time. Choose quality products for your type of dermis, perform daily rituals and enjoy every treatment.