Eating healthy a healthy habit

Eating healthy  a healthy habit

Good nutrition is a healthy habit.

Before running to the nearest supermarket for food marked ‘low-calorie’, it is necessary for yourself to understand that a rational diet is not necessarily strict, moreover, it is not even a diet. It is a useful habit that helps to keep your figure and health in a satisfactory state throughout your life.

However, if one is to proceed from the fact that a proper diet is not a diet after all, and hence one may not limit oneself, there may be some misunderstanding by which the leaner begin to rush from extremity to extremity.

The basic law of good nutrition states that the energetic value of a daily diet must correspond to the energetic expenditure of the body. To put it simply, calculate calories, consumed products, but try not to overeat and not to be undernourished. A person should receive all necessary substances, including salt and sugar in moderate amounts.

A second law follows – the maximum variety of diets and the balance between the feeling of saturation and hunger. It is erroneous to believe that frequent eating, 5-6 times a day, dispels metabolism. The fact is that it is very difficult to determine the minimum portion size, as the package of a certain product does not always provide reliable information about calories.

Eating 3-4 times a day with the inclusion of all necessary products, namely fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals and lean meat, is enough to feel and observe the boundary between saturation and overnutrition.

This rule should include a paragraph about the dangers of neglecting breakfast. This is very important for several reasons. The first is that slow carbohydrates in the form of porridge with wholemeal bread and peanut paste provide the person with energy before lunch. The second – a leisurely breakfast helps to cheer up and focus on new challenges of the coming day.

Adequate water consumption is the third rule in healthy eating. The norm for a person is 1.5-2 liters per day. Consumption of water in larger quantities leads to swelling and heavy stress on the kidneys. The category “water” does not include sweet and carbonated beverages. They should be abandoned because of chemical impurities and a huge amount of sugar in the composition. Tea and coffee portions should be reduced to two cups a day.

Good nutrition and psycho-emotional state

The fourth rule is not to make a cult out of food. In today’s fitness and healthy lifestyle industry, proper nutrition is understood as a drastic limitation of everything we love so much: sweets, flour and fast food.

On the one hand, this approach to serious changes in ourselves is correct and trains the willpower. On the other hand, however, it leads to breakdowns, nervousness, complexes, and frustration with ourselves. So you should encourage yourself at least twice a week and not be afraid to gain extra pounds. In addition to positive emotions, this “spoiling” eliminates the “plateau effect” – a stop in weight loss.

This principle applies not only to restrictions, but also to frequent meals by the clock. Even the feeling of saturation and the feeling of heaviness in the stomach does not stop many people from eating on time. At least one pass threatens to lose motivation, self-confidence and more food. From here comes the same eating disorder that every nutritionist and psychologist talks about.

Good nutrition and harmony with the body

The fifth rule is to make friends with food. This means that you have to find a special approach to the composition of your diet.

Each portion should contain proteins in the form of lean meat, seafood, fish, eggs, fermented milk products or beans. Carbohydrates, namely cereals, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruit; fats – oils of different varieties, margarine and animal fats. They must be in equal proportions, which can be determined by the size of their palms.

Dishes can be baked, cooked and even fried, but on unrefined oil, distributing it in small quantities throughout the frying pan with a cotton pad. This “lifejack” will make the dish less calorific and save the oil itself. Moderate physical activity is the sixth rule that should not be ignored. Regular exercise helps to activate metabolism, distract from constant thoughts about food and observe the first law on energy consumption and calorie intake.

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