Prevent premature skin ageing

Prevent premature skin ageing

Remember, as a child we all wanted to look more mature, and then did not notice how the situation became diametrically opposed: now we are happy if the appearance lags behind the passport age, not ahead of it. Is it possible to influence this process or is it programmed on the genetic level? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Aging is an inevitable process. Of course, much depends on genetics, but many factors, both external and internal, influence the appearance of age changes. As we age, our skin slows down the production of elastin and collagen, and cell renewal processes are much slower. Externally, signs of aging may not yet be visible, but the process has already started: the skin gradually begins to lose elasticity and firmness, complexion deteriorates, wrinkles begin to form. If preventive measures are not taken in time, age-related changes will not be long in coming.

How to avoid premature aging: we work ahead of schedule.

In order to effectively counteract age-related changes, you need to take into account the morphological features of your face and the propensity for this or that type of aging. This will make it possible to predict the emergence of age-related problems specific to your type of aging and choose effective measures aimed at preventing them.

Thus, for example, in case of “tired” type of aging, which is primarily manifested by a decrease in tone, lowering of the corners of the mouth and the formation of nasolabial folds and lacrimal furrows, it is important to add massage and self-massage, facelift to the basic care. Also useful will be sera with phytoestrogens and antioxidants, chemical peeling, hardware and injection procedures.

For fine wrinkled type of aging rejuvenating procedures should be aimed at combating photo aging, moisturizing and protection. Botox injections, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, filling wrinkles with fillers based on polymolactic or hyaluronic acids are appropriate among salon procedures. In the deformation type of aging, when the first place goes swelling, sagging skin and a pronounced deterioration of facial contours, peeling, laser rejuvenation, face massage, face fitness and myostimulation.

In the muscular type of aging, characterized mainly by Asian women, are relevant Botox, mesotherapy, lipofiling, blepharoplasty and fractional rejuvenation. However, rejuvenating procedures alone will not be enough to preserve skin youthfulness and prevent early aging. There is a need for a comprehensive approach and first of all, elimination of factors that trigger premature aging.

How to protect your skin from premature aging

Excess ultraviolet can age the skin of the face early. To prevent photo-aging it is recommended to use creams with sun filters all year round. However, in this case there is a high risk of undervaluing vitamin D, so it is important to monitor its level and if necessary, take vitamin preparations.

Dry air, exposure to strong winds and other adverse factors, including bad ecology, may dry the skin. Alcohol and nicotine provoke spasm in small vessels and worsen blood microcirculation, including in the epidermis, which is not the best effect on the skin.

Chemical compounds contained in tobacco smoke destroy the proteins involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and stimulate the formation of free radicals that cause oxidative stress and cell death.

Chronic intoxication of the body, which affects the condition of connective tissue, may also be caused by uncontrolled medication, consumption of chlorinated water and junk food, saturated with all kinds of preservatives and flavor enhancers, as well as nitrates and other harmful substances.

How to help your skin retain its youthfulness longer: internal factors

Premature aging may be associated with weakened immunity and metabolic disorders, including a decrease in estrogen levels, on which the quantity and quality of collagen and elastin depend.

Early aging can also provoke thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypothalamo-pituitary syndrome, some cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases of connective tissue, gastrointestinal and urinary tract diseases. So, if you want to enjoy the reflection in the mirror longer, it is important to maintain health and correct problems.

To maintain your skin’s youthful appearance, it is important that your body receives enough water, vitamins and minerals, and that your diet is balanced. It is equally important to have a good night’s sleep, avoid stress, find a positive and get more positive emotions.

Love and take care of yourself and be healthy!

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